Old Masters in New Interpretations

Department of English Philology

at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

and Student Interest Group Anglo-Cooltura Seniors



Old Masters in New Interpretations


doctoral candidates and students’ conference, 27 October 2015, Olsztyn

First Circular
Dear Students,

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the founding of our Department we would like to provide a space for academic discussion for all interested in the current state and prospects of English philology. Therefore,  we would like to invite you to our conference “Old Masters in New Interpretation” which is organized to accompany the sessions of the “Between Clarity and Confusion: Delusions of Academic Objectivity” conference.

We believe that the scholars at the beginning of their academic career already have many pertinent reflections – they are educated in critical time for academia, the time marked rather with question marks than full stops. Therefore, their research will most probably be a new interpretation of the old educational paradigm. We are particularly interested in your  perception of the canonical texts of culture. Who are Old Masters? Are contemporary works of art influenced by them? Is it possible to create 'new classics’ without the reference to the established conventions? These basic questions remain open and serve as a starting point for stimulating discussion.  We would like to invite you to this vibrant intellectual exchange. We welcome young researchers representing various fields of humanities since we aim at an interdisciplinary approach in an international company.

We have gathered a few topic suggestions and/or deliberately vague ideas already, hoping to inspire you. The potential is definitely there.

  • The concept of a master now and then
  • When a master becomes old?
  • Immortal authors – intertextual adventures of canonical texts
  • Masters of literature in literature, cinema and other media
  • Translation or re-reading
  • History of art or Art of history
  • Old Masters in education – challenges, possibilities, reflections
  • Film footage, ready makes – the crisis of creativity?
  • Chronology and methodology – how to study old Masters now and how to teach them in the future


You are very welcome to add more.
Plenary speaker:
Joanna Kokot, Ph.D. hab
The language of the conference will be English. Papers are scheduled to take 20 minutes, followed by a 10-minute discussion. We are also prepared to organize a poster session. You are, therefore, welcome to submit your poster proposals. Presenters are asked to submit abstracts of proposed papers, not exceeding 150 words, by 25 June 2015, using the following e-mail address:


You will be notified of the acceptance/rejection of your submission by 30 June 2015.
The Conference fee is 60 PLN, and it covers conference materials, coffee break, lunch and  the publication of the reviewed and accepted articles. The fee should be paid by 15 September 2015. Details concerning the bank account of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn will be provided in our next circular.

With best regards,

Conference organizers
Joanna Kokot, Ph.D. hab.
Anna Kwiatkowska, Ph.D.
Anna Krawczyk-Łaskarzewska, Ph.D.
Conference Secretary
Eliza Gładkowska, MA.